Environment/safety List

Quality Policy

We Engineering Plastics Division is committed to providing customers with differentiated technologies and high-quality product services in the electronics and mobility fields, which is the most important strategic market settled as MCG's new management policy "Forging the future“.

We will provide high-quality product services to our customers globally by fully utilizing our technology, production experiences, and sales functions. With the recent increase in environmental awareness, there is an increasing demand for the use of sustainable resources and the introduction of recycled materials. We provide comprehensive solutions, including biomass-based, material recycling, and chemical recycling. We will strive to both contribute to solving social issues and achieve sustainable growth.

Our slogan

  • A rewarding business
  • Business that contributes to social development through differentiated technologies
  • Businesses that provide environmentally friendly solutions

Action Guidelines

  1. The Engineering Plastics Division is committed to manage the quality, environmental, and safety factors that affect our products. We will establish an integrated management system to put quality first, create added value, and respond to globalization. We will also implement continuous improvement of the system.
  2. We will conduct preliminary safety and environmental assessments at the R&D stage in all business activities (R&D, purchasing, production, logistics, sales, technical services, etc.), taking into consideration of product life cycle.
  3. We will strive to ensure the trust of society, including our customers, prevent environmental pollution, respond to changes in the global environment, and implement safety measures.
  4. We will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our products and business activities, as well as with our promises to customers and local communities, and with our own voluntary management standards.
  5. Each department will set specific goals in consideration of their respective roles, and all employees will work together to achieve them through the PDCA cycle, striving to improve quality and environmental levels.
  6. We will make this policy known to all employees.
  7. We will disclose product information related to the environment and safety, and disclose information to the public through our website.

ISO certification

in preparation.